Preplanning With our Funeral Home in Morrisville, PA


Preplanning FAQ's

Q. How do I get answers to questions about my funeral plan?
Q. What are my payment options with Homesteaders?
Q. I prearranged a funeral and wrote a check to the funeral home. Why am I getting an insurance policy from Homesteaders, and who is Homesteaders Life Company?
Q. When I purchased my Homesteaders policy, I specified that I want my pre-authorized check withdrawal to occur on the fifth day of each month. Sometimes the actual withdrawal date is after that. Why?
Q. If I choose the multiple payment option and later decide to pay off the policy, can I do that and will it cost me any extra money?
Q. What if I want to make a change to my funeral plan?
Q. The insured died before the policy was fully paid, and the face amount didn't cover the funeral cost even though the funeral home guaranteed the price at the time arrangements were made. What happened?

Helpful Videos

The Benefits of Planning Ahead

The History of Homesteaders Life


Celebrate Life

If you want to receive additional information about preplanning or have any questions, please contact our funeral home at (215) 295-7725.