Our Funeral Home Facilities in Morrisville, PA

Inside of Chapel - Funeral Facilities in Morrisville, PA
The J. Allen Hooper Funeral Chapel is encompassed by beautifully bright landscaped lawns and gardens. Our spacious facility offers an inviting and warm setting for loved ones to honor and celebrate a beloved relative or friend. Furnished with elegant decor, our facility has a large chapel with pews, an enormous arrangement room, and a private wicker sitting room. There is plenty of parking available at our funeral home, and it is accessible for the disabled. Allow us to accommodate you and your guests, let us know of any further accommodations you're in need of.
In addition, we have three large screen monitors to view DVD tributes to the deceased. We also broadcast services to all rooms within our facility in the event of a large crowd.

Living Room

The living room areas are open and available to you and your guests during visitation hours as well as during funeral services. Furnished beautifully, this is a relaxing place to relax if you find you need some time to yourself.
One of our three large monitor screens are in this room. You can view DVD tributes to the deceased in the comforts of this room.
Living Room Areas - Funeral Facilities in Morrisville, PA
Arrangement Office - Funeral Facilities in Morrisville, PA

Arrangement Office

You'll find our funeral home arrangement office to be inviting and comforting. We want you to be comfortable and at ease while you're making arrangements, as if you're in your own living room. We use state of the art technology and equipment to explain your free website, caskets, vaults, and cremation urns.

Wicker Room

Our Wicker Room is an excellent place to relax and reflect in privacy. You can view funeral services on our state of art HDTV from this comforting location.
Wicker Room - Funeral Facilities in Morrisville, PA
Rear Entrance - Funeral Facilities in Morrisville, PA

Rear Entrance

A fountain of reflection is located outside the rear entrance of the funeral home. Please feel free to enjoy the beautifully arranged floral arrangements. Relax to the sounds of the trickling water running from the fountain.
Many families find comfort under the beautiful multi-colored blooms of our 100-year-old Magnolia Tree.
Beautiful Blooms - Funeral Facilities in Morrisville, PA
Please feel free to visit our funeral home facility anytime.